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Walking Walls was the swan song for this pair of boots. I got them in 2007 in Minnesota and left them in Vienna exactly 5 years later. On March 7, 2012, they got a break as I caught a bus back to Nicosia from Lefke, returning to the Republic of Cyprus after 4 long, strange days in the north.


Notes from a Bus in North Cyprus


When I got on the bus from Morphou/Güzelyurt to Lefke on this day last year, I noticed that the dials on the dash were all marked with Chinese characters. Wild. Here are a few short sketches from the cramped ride:

Before we left, the driver hauled two spare tires into the front seat, buoying the confidence of all my fellow passengers.

We also got a new driver for the outward journey-a young, slick looking guy with sunglasses and extremely short, spiky hair which emerged only from the highest altitudes of his head.

We stopped on a dusty road to pick up an old man carrying bags full of milk, bread and newspapers. 50 meters later, we stopped again for a guy with mullet and his three kids, all of whom were forced to sit on the floor. They got off at the next stop. The man’s windbreaker puffed up in the breeze and I forgot entirely what decade I was living in. He herded his daughter with a gentle hand on her knee-high shoulder as his son lagged behind to examine a piece of garbage. He was squatting down to grab it when the bus groaned and rolled away.


Almost time to go


Last year at this time, I was in Tel Aviv again, just for a few hours. Mostly, I remember feeling weary on the bus back to Jerusalem in the dark.