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Tel Aviv


Last year at this time, I was in Tel Aviv. The city was a glorious, salty breath of fresh air and a most welcome change after living in buttoned-down Jerusalem for three weeks. I instantly felt more comfortable here than I ever did in the Holy City.


Graffiti Studies

IMG_9359One year ago today, I went to Bethlehem for the first time and saw the wall up close. I wish that I had more time to explore it at my own pace, in addition to being whisked around by my enthusiastic taxi driver. Yousef was wonderful, but it would have been fascinating to get a closer look at the graffiti on the wall there. From what I did see, a lot of it was in English, Arabic a close second. Some of it was peaceful, some of it was angry. It felt immediate, important, and unsettling.

A Look at Bethlehem

Here’s a quick photo from Bethlehem. More soon.


This day has been incredible. I just got back from an open mic where everyone was amazingly talented. Picked up a CD from a spoken word poet. Lots of song, performance, generally mind-blowing people and ideas. Lots of commentary on Jewish identity, some of which I understood, more of which I wish I did. Young Jerusalem expats are the best. I’m just too exhausted to say more now, but might lay awake thinking about everything for hours. Everything here is so intense, the pace of life is astonishing.