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Fresh Photo Friday Goes For a Spin


Salzburg Lion, 2009

Salzburg, Austria

Before I had ever gone on a bike tour, or even knew how to change a flat, I did a series of bike photos. They were details, cropped into squares, trying almost unwittingly to maintain a primary color scheme. This one has always been my favorite. The afternoon light, color scheme, and composition works well in this image. I’d love to come back to this project with 5,000 miles under my belt. I wonder how I’d approach the details of a bike now that I know which parts are likely to break and how to fix them?


Guest Post: Walking Walls

I have a guest post over at the travel blog Chicky Bus today! It’s a short photo essay and some reflections on nine of the most intense and introspective experiences I had during Walking Walls last winter. Please check it out and drop a comment!